Nathan Apodaca aka DoggFace

Nathan Apodaca aka DoggFace is the 37 year old TikTok sensation from Idaho Falls, Idaho. In September 2020 Nathan posted a TikTok video of him skateboarding, listening to Fleetwood Mac, ‘Dreams’ and drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice that went viral around the world. As a result of Nathan’s TikTok video going viral, Fleetwood Mac, “Dreams” 1977 song was back on the music charts at #29, garnering Nathan worldwide attention.

Prior to Nathan’s international fame he was working on a potato farm in Idaho and living in a trailer with no running water or electricity. His car was broken down so he skateboarded to work and created the video that the world fell in love with. Fans showered him with over $15,000 in donations and it changed Nathan’s life who takes care of his 2 teenage daughters.

Stay tuned for what’s next for the man the world fell in love with during a time when we all needed to smile.

Nathan Apodaca

Idaho Falls, Idaho 2020